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About Us

Our mission is to bring about Personal, Social and Economic growth and Development of the African continent through media. We hope that the stories we share will keep you informed, how and why we share them will inspire, entertain and empower you.

 –Nkwain Peregrine & Achu Joel, Lyfe Jacket Co-founders and Passionate Bloggers.

Why Lyfe Jacket?

Ok, lets face it, there are lots of blogs and news websites out there, why create Lyfe Jacket?The best way to predict the future is to create it
Well, there are equally a lot of reasons(trust us) why we created and believe so much in Lyfe Jacket. Hang with us a little while lets short list a few of them for you.

1. The Opportunity And The Need To Talk About Things That Actually Matter Locally

Most of the major news and media outlets are filled everyday with news about US politics, billionaires and top celebrities, but guess what? As wonderful as it is to know that Africans can no longer win a lottery to go to the United States, well, there are lots of important happenings going on in our local environment and countries that do not get proper media coverage and attention. Its your lucky day Africa, We’re gonna fix that 🙂

2. Get Relevant Information When You Search Online

How often do we search for things happening around us, in our local context and find results that are partially or significantly irrelevant? Well I don’t know about you, but it happens a lot to me. More often than not the results we get are based on popularity and what majority of the world thinks about the subject matter. The things we are looking for might actually be out there but we get results that are based on the majority and popularity context and not on  local or domestic relevance. Now.. we are not going to blame Google or Yahoo for any of that, Infact we think it’ll be totally unfair, because you know who’s fault it is? Ours. First of all, compared to other developed countries, we Africans generally don’t want to think or dream big, Results… Fewer people doing important stuffs, fewer people talking about important stuffs and most importantly… fewer Entrepreneur creating business which will is a very important factor in bringing about local growth and development.

The plan here is to saturate the internet with invaluable daily news, lifestyle hacks, technology and entertainment news with relevance first to the local context before global context.

3. We Believe That There Is and Is Going To Be Significant Growth and Development in Africa That We’ll Need to Cover.

Lyfe Jacket is the first in a series of Blogs, News, Fashion, Lifestyle and Entertainment websites that will be launched by The Kwambi Media Group.

We focus on the stories, events and developments that help shape Africa, our world and drive the wheels of change and development in the forward direction.

By creating Lyfe Jacket, we hope to shine more light on all the wonderful and amazing talents in Cameroon and Africa, offering praises and constructive criticisms which will invaluable in our quest of attaining and going beyond global standards.

Who Owns Lyfe Jacket Magazine?

Lyfe Jacket Magazine is a subsidiaries of Kwambi Media Group Ltd, a division of the Cameroonian technology start up Kwambi Ltd. (Visit Kwambi’s Official website at to find out more about the company and learn more about our products and services.)

Lyfe Jacket is more than just a blog or news website, it is part of our game changing plan to make Africa more informed, entertained and empowered.

Wanna write for us? We are desperately looking for young talents to help us in our mission. If interested, Please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on the Contact Us page. Leave your email and a brief description of yourself and why you want to join us. We’ll be very happy to hear from you.

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